A violent agreement ...

... between Mr. Husband:

Will "wirearchy" replace hierarchy ? I don't think so. Will hierarchy in an era of interconnected, intelinked humans and information be substantively altered, in terms of how it functions in the setting of organized purposeful social systems we call organizations. In my opinion, yes. How ? I don't know, though I think we can observe some of the patterns that have been forming. Do they lead to new business and organizational logics, and new organizational forms and dynamics. I think the answer is a qualified "yes".

and Mr. Rogers:

As for me, I maintain you shouldn't listen to me. You should think for yourself. I am an authority on nothing, this is all just my opinion. I make it all up. I don't want to play in the hierarchy game, but I don't want to see people abused when others play it either. I don't have a blogroll, and I don't usually link a lot, because that supports the hierarchy competitors. I don't post advertising and I don't affiliate with Amazon and I don't have a "tip jar." I'm not trying to convert my lack of authority into wealth, the liquid form of authority. I'm just here to try to say what I think, and I hope I approach whatever "the truth" is. Maybe it'll give someone else something to think about too. And if it doesn't, that's okay by me too. I'm not trying to "change everything." I'm just trying to change myself.

And yet it is in Dave's final paragraph that he hands the victory to Jon.

In his very desire and ability to have a voice and throw something into the ether with not a thought of what may follow he is modelling, for me, the most significant change the new technologies are bringing about.

In the old, analogue world Dave's rantings would, at worst, have been emitted vocally as he wandered lonely around his local park, casting his best thoughts to the four winds and drawing alarmed glances from mothers with young children. At best, without a publishing deal, he could have consigned them to paper which would lay yellowing in dusty drawers until discovered by future generations of Rogers'.

Instead - beacuse he has a blog - I, thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, can "hear" him. Not only can I hear him but I can also, through my blogroll and my friendship with Jon Husband, itself instigated online, make it more likely that Jon can get to hear Dave too.

Not only can they hear each other but they can also have a conversation and refine and develop their ideas. This refinement has nothing to do with heirarchy or dominance of one view or the other. It has a lot to do with accelerated evolution carried out for mutual benefit.

This was not possible ever before - this changes things - Jon wins!

[To those who have arrived here from the link in Dave's blog do - please - read this]