I really should use smileys more

Boy did Dave misinterpret my last post!

I am sorry that my attempt at a humorous characterisation of voices without an audience as old men ranting to themselves in a park appears to have caused some offence - that was not my intention. I must remember that Americans don't do irony.

I was NOT seeing things seriously in terms of winners and losers simply chipping at the apparent polarity the two previously mentioned posts seemed to be expressing.

My point - which I clearly failed to get across - was meant to be the optimistic one that in writing and reading each others heartfelt views we are investing time and effort in a level of shared understanding which has not been so easy before our new wired world and one which I hope reduces the tendency to see life as a competition of winners and losers.

[Memo to self - must try harder to write well]

[Jon picks up the conversation here]

[Dave recovers here]