A is for...

Cracking meme via Liz Lawley. Type the letters of the alphabet one by one into your browser address window and see what the autocomplete suggests.

These are mine:

a is for amazon.com
b is for blo.gs
c is for copyscape.com
d is for del.icio.us
e is for ebay.com
f is for Flickr
h is for JOHO
i is for The Internet Movie Database
j is for my Quickpost javascript for Typepad
k is for some used car pricing site which I have no recollection of ever having used!
l is for The Los Angeles Times
m is for mtl3p del.icio.us comments tracking.
n is for The National Geographic
o is for O'Reilly's macdevcenter
p is for ping-o-matic
q is for QWest - goodness knows why!
r is for rollingstone.com
s is for scholastic.com
t is for Typepad
u is for Quickbooks
v is for versiontracker.com
w is for work webmail
x is for x.com which mystriously leads to an apprarent PayPal site ... hmmmm.
y is for yahooligans.com
z is for maczone