Making sense of the senselessness

I cannot say that this tsunami is for the good.

It is not for the good, it is not for the bad. It just is.

It is not a blessing, it is not a curse, it just is.

A tectonic plate shifted, and a vast wave spread across the ocean, and took with it many lives.

And now another wave is spreading, and it is also vast, and it spreads through the hearts of those who let themselves feel it.

The disaster is. It happened to a "dear one," someone's "dear one," many dear ones. I open my heart and feel it. The place it touches in me, touches God.

beliefnet: Was God in This Disaster? by Rodger Kamenetz.

So in addition to all of your New Years resolutions to lose weight or travel abroad, make a resolution for today that you are going to practice being more compassionate towards EVERYBODY. That means practicing compassion towards the woman with the screaming kids in the supermarket. That means practicing compassion towards your parents who neglected or abused you. That means practicing compassion towards the crazy drivers on the highway. If you want the world to be a more loving place, then YOU have to become more loving; not just once, but continuously. To the extent that you do, the world will change - GUARANTEED!

Reflections of Holiness: Lessons from the Tragedies.