So near yet so far

Once upon a time I was a professional musician playing in pop bands and, like everyone else in the business, I dreamed of rock stardom.

I've just been watching a documentary about Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. A mate of mine was involved in making the original video of it, which led the way to the pop videos of today, and he appeared in the programme.

Watching it brought back the time I took part in "Rock Around The Clock" a marathon Old Grey Wistle Test Show in which I was one of the on screen phone answerers and sat next to people like Alice Cooper, Fish from Marillion and Meatloaf.

I then remembered working on the phone in that Paul McCartney did for the BBC World Service many moons ago in which I was playing in the recordings of his most famous tracks.

Even recently watching U2 perform live outside work for Top Of The Pops - I've been around the sort of rock stars I once aspired to be for most of my working life.

I guess that's kind of lucky - especially as I can't now imagine anything more boring than being a pop star!