Touchy Feely

I've consistently noticed over the past three years how and what I felt when reading other peoples' blog, when considering the ebbs, flows, insights, resolutions and aother arcana of my relationship with blogging, and when engaged in dialogue with others via the Comments section of their blogs and on my blog.

When listening to other peoples' voices ... I look at sentence structures, I read woop-ass phrases with delight, I marvel, shake my head and sigh when i go through some of the truly brilliant material I have seen (there are some real genius people out there ... amazing). I make the conscious decision, from time to time, to give a full 30 minutes or hour (or two) to go through other peoples' material ... and this involves feeling whether i am ready to shift my body position, slow down and concentrate ... attend.

Some people blog light and positive, some people literally hurl invective ... others satirize, in different styles ... you learn to look for the smirk, or the knowing wink, or the shared nod of understanding and reflection. Colours matter, and the cleanliness or delicacy or whimsy or banality of the font, the spacing ... the blogger who writes deliciously and with long sentences, having fun ... or the inspired, organic use of photos.

Two-wayness ... this is a type of interaction that is truly different, I think, than talking with someone else on the phone, or speaking to them face to face. In both those cases, the evidence of what was communicated and exchanged evapoartes, if you will, unless recorded. The two-way exchange via a blog post and comments, or the more general two-wayness of links, has persistence (as many have noted before), and the process of creating, sending and receiving the information is also quite different. Organizing thoughts and speaking, either formally or informally, is very different from typing and posting words and images to ocnvey one's message and meaning. And this persistent, always accessible two-wayness creates meaning in and of itself - the medium becomes part of the meaning created

from a longer post Wirearchy :: Can You Feel A Blog ?.