The real thing?

I am just watching the Channel 4 series Faking It in which people from wildly differing backgrounds and experience take on a new activity and do it in a pressured or competitive enironment having had only a month or so to learn the ropes.

Tonight's programme is about a religious, choir-girl virgin who is challenged with taking part in a live competition as raunchy, sexy lead singer of a heavy rock band.

What is fascinating is how often the programme reveals how little people really know about themselves and how life changing it can be to take on a completely different world view.

It brought back memories.

Having been trained as a classical clarinetist playing in wind bands and orchestras I ended up in the eighties making my living for a couple of years playing sax in working men's clubs around industrial Lanarkshire.

Just for the record I successfully made the transition and had a very, very good time - trust me!