Brace yourselves

At risk of throwing the universe into a flat spin at too many self referential references in it go read Andy Borrow's guest spot at Heart @ Work from which this:

I found people with interesting, thought-provoking things to say, sometimes people who seemed to think in the same way I did and share a similar world-view; sometimes offering challenging alternative views; sometimes simply delightfully entertaining – but here was a community I felt instinctively drawn towards. Attractive, exciting, full of opportunity for learning and growth. And above all I identified strongly with the positive, optimistic spirit that I found amongst so many bloggers.


So if I had to single out one unique feature as the reason above all others why I blog, it would be the way in which deep connections are made that seem able to transcend the usual barriers of social intercourse. The feeling of understanding and being understood can be immensely uplifting and affirming, yet it is missing from so much of day-to-day relating. It seems possible, even normal, to know a fellow blogger better than the person who sits next to you at work.


I was out walking at lunch time the other day, and passed a guy shuffling along with his head bowed, staring only at the ground immediately in front of his feet. It struck me that blogging is like walking around showing your face to the world, making eye contact with those you pass on the street, open to your surroundings. There’s too much isolation in this world. Bloggers are breaking down the walls.