Yesterday I read a post on Seb's blog about a couple of people who are using blogs for self- help - one to get in physical shape and the other to shake off a feeling of apathy. Uncannily, at the same time, Andy Borrows has started blogging his notes from the counselling he is getting to help resolve the tension between his desire to be a writer and his current day job.

Someone once defined counselling as two scared people sitting in a room. I don’t think either of us is scared exactly, but that definition does convey something of the equality in what follows. There’s no feeling of expert and subject, doctor and patient, barely even of leader and follower. Just two people, one of whom wants to help the other.

Even before we’ve entered the room I already have a sense of optimism; a strong positive feeling growing inside, of anticipation, of knowing this will be good, that she and I will understand each other; of excitement even. What sparks such a feeling? Who can say. Places of healing, of learning and growth, where people are valued and honoured and allowed to be, where humanity is central and all else peripheral; these places often have such a feeling about them, tangible as soon as you cross the threshold. And there’s body language, appearance, expression – all of those things that enable you unconsciously to gain an impression of someone the moment you see them. And the more authentic the person, the more accurate the impression, usually. I couldn’t at that stage say what specifically gave rise to that positive impression; perhaps it was not anything specifically positive so much as the complete absence of anything negative that might appear to be a barrier. The whole combination of her appearance, manner, voice and expression was open and created a welcoming space, yet without filling that space with anything at all.

Fascinating and brave.

Sounds a lot like blogging to me ......