As Jon Husband says ...

Food for thought

The fact is, many new ideas come and go many times before they catch on. Indeed, the arise spontaneously in many different cultures at many different times and, in many instance, fail to spread much beyond a relatively small community.

There are lots of reasons why perfectly good ideas fail, but suffice to say, it has to do with prevailing conditions that are unsuitable for the propagation of the idea (e.g. a population that is too sparse, an ideological opposition that is too well established or stable, poor means of communication, and so on). Dominant cultures always seem to be caught by surprise when the "tipping point" arrives, largely because they believe�they are in control of what they are not, in fact, controlling. In other words, they have lied to themselves.

I don't know that we can change this phenomenon -or rather, improve on the process. The agents of change are always active and always among us.�And they are, by nature, opportunistic, I think. While I am not a fan of Schumpeter, I think "destruction" is often a pre-cursor to "creation"�because "structure" is such an imposing and effective constraint.