Last night I was at a dinner held by my wife's choir, Amersham Choral Society to welcome another choir from Florida who are joing them in a large choral event in the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday.

At dinner I sat with a very nice couple who lived in Palm Beach. He had been a lobbyist in Washington until he retired, representing some 4.5 million people in the corridors of power and he described how he had gradually become disillusioned with politics due to the amount of deals and vote swapping that went on between politicians even on different sides.

I told them about my visit to Parliament to discuss weblogs and politics and how I belived that the internet was increasingly giving a voice to those who don't have access to conventional forms of influence or who have become disillusioned with it over time.

This morning on waking I read "Denny's fascinating post about the waters of Indian River Lagoon off the Florida cost. He makes the point that in terms of political involvement fish are invisible, at least more so than forests and birds, and that getting legislation to protect them is that bit harder. And yet people from all over the world travel to Florida and enjoy it's natural habitats.

As Denny says "I wonder how much joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea means to all the boys and girls now." quoting from “Joy to the World," by Three Dog Night. Maybe telling this story is me doing my little bit.