Images of god

Zuly via A Mindful Life has an interesting project asking people what their images of god are.

Yesterday in the car I was talking to my wife about a bishop who, at Easter, was saying that it was false to see the story of the resurrection as metaphorical - that it was a literal story of real events that took place.

I find it staggering that otherwise intelligent people can still so willingly, indeed willfully, believe in such nonsense.

Don't get me wrong. As readers of this blog will know I do have a spiritual outlook on life. I find the beauty and complexity of the world we inhabit a thing of awe and wonder. I see ourselves as undivided from that wondrous universe and indeed from each other. We are all part of the universe doing what it does - or indeed as Neil Donald Walsh has it in a phrase I have quoted before "We are all part of god godding".

But why people feel the need to personify this beats me. It is not so much that god has created us in his image as that we have created our various gods in ours. The whole assumption that god is animate, is something other than us that exists outside us and judges us is a bizarre twist of psychological fate allowing us to give up responsibility to an external authority rather than taking responsibility ourselves.

Add to this the institutionalization of religion where any useful messages get corrupted and organized by hierarchies of people intent on maintaining their system of thought against those of others and you have the cause of most of the major conflicts in the world today.

My image of god? I don't have one other than the entirety of the universe doing what it does day by day in all its amazing beauty.