A dog's life

Most of us, all over the world, struggle every day, and put up with a huge amount of stress and unhappiness in our lives. Compared to the hunter-gatherers who lived for millions of years before modern civilization, we work much harder and longer to make a living, we face much more physical and psychological violence (in our neighbourhoods, in our workplaces, in our war-torn world, and sometimes even in our homes), we suffer from many more physical and psychological diseases and illnesses, we live in crowded, polluted, mostly run-down communities, in constant fear (of an infinite number of things, most notably not having enough), and we are oppressed with hierarchies, laws, rules and restrictions that would have driven our ancient ancestors quite mad.

Why do we put up with it? Because it's the only life we know. We are not told that, even with today's massive human population, everything that would be needed to provide very comfortably for the basic needs of everyone on the planet could be produced by having everyone work just one hour a day or one day a week. Instead, we live in a world of unfathomable manufactured scarcity, staggering inequality and waste, and ghastly imaginative poverty.

from a very thought provoking post by Dave Pollard