It has just dawned on me ...

... that what bothered me about the disappearance of the weblogs hosted by Dave Winer, and caused me to stick my oar into the comments on David Weinberger's post, was not so much the loss of content but the loss of contact with the people.

How was I to know where they had decamped to? How would I find those bloggers who choose not to put their names on their blogs? What if in re-siting their blogs they changed the blogs name? How would they reconnect themselves with the fragile web of relationships they had built up around them?

Thankfully Tom Matrullo's interim blog has been pointed to by others and I can read his excellent post on the whole situation from which this:

Why not imaginatively interrogate some of the deeper folds inside the car crash choreographed by Winer? Who owns a blog? and what ever gave us the idea that blogs, the most ephemeral of writing modes, are supposed to be permanent, or even to enjoy the stability which is necessary for permanence to exist? We're talking about bubbles in a limitless amazon of code.