Dave Winer

Why have I chipped in a couple of times on the issue of Dave Winer and the lost blogs? Because he is an immature bully and I think bullies need dealt with.

In his summing up of the situation Dave ends by saying:

it's a rare thing when people consider your feelings in how they deal with you

to which Pascale Soleil replies in a comment on akma's blog:

How true.

If he'd considered how obnoxious his abrupt message sounded to those whose blogs had vaporized (and to their readers), the flap could have been avoided altogether.

If he'd said: "I really sorry all your blogs are unavailable. I'll do my best to archive them for you and help you find alternative hosting..." the reaction would have been much more muted.

Instead, his posting was rude and belligerent, and assumed the worst about others.