Taking responsibility for our actions

Having just finished reading The Anarchist in the Library and having watched a bit of tenstion on some boards I am responsible for recently I have been worrying about the risks associated with all of these empowering technologies - blogs, wikis, boards etc.

Normally I am so convinced of the opportunities that I tend to belittle the risks but there is a mob menatlity that can so easily be genertated by the high degree of connectivity available to us. Smart mobs can also be dumb mobs.

I guess the point is that we have been trained not to take responsibility for our thoughts for centuries. Someone else tells us stories in the media and we just winge back, someone else runs the country and we stop voting and give up and winge from the sidelines. Our winging is relatively powerless and we have learned to indulge ourselves in venting emotions rather than dealing responsibly with our thoughts.

As Bernie Goldbach points out this morning in a great post, bloggers are linking to the video of Paul Marshall Johnson being beheaded.

The major broadcasters are exercising their responsibility by not showing the gruesome video - some of us now have that responsibility placed in our own control.