Windows into the soul

The images of Saddam Hussein have been haunting me since watching the video of his appearance in court in Iraq. I keep looking at his eyes with their powerful mixture of arrogance, fear and sadness. There is something, dare I say it, attractive about his eyes - something difficult to ignore.

I have been struggling to find an earlier post I wrote years ago about other eyes which have had the same compelling effect but all I can find is my backup of the text so forgive me for quoting it in full again here:

A Veil Of Tears
I have just seen the most disturbing images on television.

There was an item about the tragic story of Victoria Climbie, a young girl, who had been so abused and neglected by those looking after that she eventually died of her injuries and hypothermia here in the UK.

The TV programme showed an appalling image, used in the court case, of her poor battered and bruised face.

What struck me to the core was that through her almost unrecognisable features her eyes were still....incredibly...smiling straight at the camera.

The innocence of a child's heart, their trust, their hope, their faith in the world in which they find themselves, is heartbreaking.

Susan Jeffers in one of her books talks about accessing your veil of tears. Feeling those tears well up inside you and realising that the tide of emotion is because of the child inside you which still exists and which identifies with the child who you see suffering before you.

It is this ability to identify with others' suffering, this ultimate connectedness with the souls of everyone on the planet that, to me, holds out our ultimate hope.

Is it just me or is there a look of deep, deep sadness in the eyes of Osama Bin Laden?

We all have a little of Victoria Climbie in us for sure.....but we also have a little of Osama Bin Laden.... and that is what really scares us.

Maybe the Americans shouldn't have allowed Saddam's trial to be televised after all.