A change of tack

The more eagle eyed among you may have noticed a departure from my usual ageing hippy, new age, philosophical reading matter. I have just started, and am tearing my way through Chester Wimot's The Struggle For Europe.

I have always been fascinated by WWII and have felt its presence every time I have visited France over the last thirty years or so. I had read histories of the overall course of the war but had never really understood how the allies regained France and what the sequence of events were which had taken place in terrain now so very familiar to me.

Staying south of Caen on the first night of our holiday this year, and having watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time recently, prompted me to do something about increasing my understanding of this frighteningly recent piece of history. I ordered The Struggle For Europe to get the overall shape of the retaking of Europe and Citizen Soldiers to get the feel for the experiences of those involved.