Computing Chakras

Because my Powerbook is off at the menders I am forced to use a Windoze PC at work. It is ages since I have spent this long using a PC and fascinating to take the time trying to get it working the way I want.

As I was poughing my way through confusingly labelled, counter-intuitive menus and control panels I was suddenly struck by a familiar reaction to using a PC, one that brought back my first real experience of computing many, many moons ago.

What I am trying to describe is not a merely practical or logical experience it is more an emotional reaction, almost subconscious. The sensation has a physical presence that rests somewhere between the back of my throat and my chest cavity - goodness knows which chakras relate to computing OS's but that is clearly what is going on here.

Working with Windoze the prevailing sense I get is unease - almost like eating food laden with additives. I am talking about more than just frustration at poor interface design - it is much deeper than that and very unsettling.

With the Mac I get a warm glowing sensation spreading out from these computing energy centres and an overall enhancement of my sense of wellbeing. It is a feeling that I miss when it is not there and which has now become an integral part of my experience of life.