How to get ejected from an organisation with your dignity intact

As with everything on this weblog, I'll try to be as honest about it as I can. What happened is that *my* project blew up during the summer - 100% my fault, I have lots of excuses if you want to hear them, but that's the crux of it - and as we refocused to get the product out the door, my role in the project and company became marginalized. I never really fit well in the organizational structure anyways, but after not shipping it was hard to get any momentum back. After a short while me leaving the company became the obvious path. It's not like I wasn't working my ass off, however - there's still a lot of my blood, sweat and ideas in that project - so I'll be wrapping up with no hard feelings and good recommendations, etc. And I still think the company (not named here for Google reasons) is a great place to work filled with really cool people and anyone that's heard me talk about what they are doing there knows how enthusiastic I am about it. Look for some interesting things to be (finally) launched soon.

Russell Beattie Notebook via Doc