Hear, hear

Take, for instance, the quotes from Adam Curry and Doc Searls whining that the iPod shuffle sucks for "podcasting." Oh, really? I'm sorry, I must have missed the part of the keynote where it was advertised as aiming at that market. Seems to me that it was aimed at the low-end Flash market, one dominated by teenagers and compulsive joggers that can't use a hard drive-based device because it skips. It seems that all the add-ons (armband [complete with a photo of a jogger] and necklace) also targeted that market. I didn't see a single unkempt geek with a microphone during the presentation. Maybe I just missed it.


No more do you hunt for music. You just let it play. We've become so accustomed to complete control over what music is playing that many have totally forgotten the joys of just letting the music play without interfering with it. I've gone to great lengths to make this happen, actually. When I get my 1GB iPod shuffle I'm going to point it to that radio-like playlist and hit the sidewalk. That's what it's meant for and that's what I'm going to use it for. No more iPod in a case in my pocket, remote clipped on my shirt, headphones in that, and wires everywhere. Fob on my neck and I'm walking. Perfection. I don't care what's coming next. That's the whole idea. I want random. I want shuffle. Apple was right.

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