Welcome Dan

Chris Corrigan suggests that Dan Oestritch is the best new blogger he has read for a while. I immediately felt at home as I appeared in his blog roll already and having read stuff like the quote below on Dan's blog I reckon Chris might be right!

How dearly we hold onto old identities because we think they form a stable place to be! This is an illusion I sense we are all born to lose.

And at the center, another question arises which is, if I'm not in control, then what and where am I, really? It is in this place, after the discomfort and internal fires burn away, that I believe something else can come in. Externally, in our relationships and sense of community, this is a place where authentic contact can be born. And in our inner worlds as well, this may be the birthplace of a deeper love and the beginnings of a path toward a new kind of light.