By golly she's got it!

My friend Claire has tholed me raving at her about blogs over the years and, while she listened patiently, showed no signs of wanting to get involved.

She would now, however, appear to have had something of an epiphany!

Below are six benefits of blogging that she has described in a wonderful, long post and a short quote which will give you a taster of her writing.

Blogging helps you to notice what you are noticing in the world and leads you to question why that is

Blogging tests your commitment to what you believe your passions are

Blogging expands your own and other people’s minds and ultimately contributes to the learning and development of society

Blogging removes boundaries and traditional sources of power and introduces a new currency: your thoughts

Blogging is about thinking, not necessarily journalism.

Blogs are the chaff not the wheat.  What you post in your blog isn’t necessarily the most important thing, it’s that you’ve done some thinking.


Anyone who derives their power from hierarchy or gate-keeping knowledge is in for a rude surprise. This particularly applies to managers and politicians who are often the worst offenders. My generation and the way we interact, converse, grow and learn will fundamentally change the world and for the better.

For example, why do you need an internal communications department if your managers are communicating with staff via their blogs regularly? Why do you need a large strategy team if you can discuss the way forward and make use of the collective intelligence that resides in your organisation?

Organised chaos: What happens when you replace the word "blogging" with "thinking"?.