Keeping up with appearances.

I was literally just thinking about changing the design for The Obvious? when I read this gem from Bob carlton:

Three years ago today I walked into my work office and was inspired by a colleague's hair do.  She had gone to her stylist (such a great word) and asked the stylist to prep her follicles for the New Year in some new and exciting.

Being a fairly typical fat middle-aged white guy, I had had the same hairstyle  Duly inspired, I got up from my desk (remember, this was still when the dot com bubble burstings were splattering all over S.F.) and walked across the street to get a new 'do.

Alberto had been cutting my hair for the 3 years I worked there.  He was a compact Cuban man, who spoke very little and very precisely.  He was also very cheap - stayed at $10 a cut during the boom and now in the bust.

I greeted him and asked that he, in the manner of Cyndi's stylist, give me a great new 'do which would undoubtedly change my very life.

He surveyed my cranium, then said these words:

Bob, you have a big fat head.
You have only one haircut.

Defeated, I slouched down in his chair and accepted my lot in life.

I thought about this during the holiday break, when so many many of my favorite fellow bloggers spritzed up the visuals on their sites - adding color, designing header banners, changing fonts.  I must admit to envy in my heart (and all over my keyboard) - I have the TypePad equivalent of a big fat head with only one haircut for it.

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