Self-promotion alert

I debated long and hard whether to blog the following two paragraphs but finally decided to with some encouragement from my friends. They were dropped from an article about me in Information World Review (sadly the article is not online). I am blogging them because I was so touched by their generosity and for what they reveal about how I like to think of myself.

Euan Semple is not remotely religious, yet goodness oozes from every pore. He is big and tough but a glorious view or an act of kindness can reduce him to tears. He climbs mountains and walks hills all over the world, being rewarded with vistas the rest of us can only dream about. He is profoundly in touch with nature and, for him, the journey truly is the reward.

Rather than look ahead at how many more slopes need to be tackled, he notices the wind-invoked bend of a tree or the natural weave of the grass underfoot. Through being alive to every moment of the journey, he suddenly finds he has arrived at his destination. The memories for him are in the details, not just the achievement.