Zombie traditionalists

We all know them don't we ....

The zombie traditionalist who haunts modern societies is in effect a premodern wannabe. Such a one longs to live in an earlier era when the world would have been delivered to him as an indisputable given with a universally accepted cosmic order. No choices, no confusion, no fuss, no muss. In a genuinely premodern traditional society, there are no alternative cultures or "value systems" recognized as valid--we in our tribe are the "human beings"; everyone else is the "barbarian" Other. What has authority is only that which has been given to us by the ancestors.

It's no longer possible or appropriate to live in such a world. There is no going back to it. But this kind of nostalgia for something that once lived is the ghostly spirit than animates zombie traditionalism. This kind of traditionalism clings to the form of the old, dead thing thinking that it preserves something valuable. It's like propping up the corpse of the heirless king in his throne for fear of the chaos that will ensue when it becomes known that the old regime has ended and no clear successor has emerged.

After The Future via AmbivaBlog