Losing connection

Central connectors are those people that have a high number of direct information relationships: typically they have a high level of expertise in one if not many areas (though occasionally you do find people in this role due to factors such as job redesign or political posturing). Because of the help they provide others they also have a strong awareness of expertise in the network, and have established a favor bank such that people will help them when asked. If the central connector does not know the answer they usually do know who does, and have sufficient social capital built up with these people that they are able to get a response quickly. With their depth of expertise and central position in the network, central connectors often pose two key knowledge risks: 1) Loss of deep, network-embedded expertise critical to current operations and 2) Loss of the ability to transfer organizational memory and get newcomers up to speed.

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Visible Path - Relationship Capital - Centrality via Jack Vinson