My coffee rant

Some of you will have heard me rant on this subject in the flesh but I feel the need to share it with a wider audience.

Why is it I can go into the very excellent greasy spoon caff pictured above and when I ask for a black coffee it arrives within seconds and costs me significantly less than £1?

In contrast if I go into Starbucks or any of the other new fangled coffee houses dominating town centres the world over and ask for a black coffee this results in a very different experience.

Firstly they look askance at me because I have had the temerity not to use their fancy name like tall americano for my black coffee. They then ostentatiously translate my request into this lingo and shout it at each other for five minutes or so as they prepare the desired beverage. I then get told that I am expected to pay some exorbitant sum for my drink and am invariably asked if I want milk with it.

"No I bloody don't - I want a black coffee!!"