A good day out and a bit of an arse


Had a wonderful day today scrambling up Y Garn, one of the 3000ft plus hills in Snowdonia. My route took me up the ridge running centre to right in the foreground of this photo then left again up the main ridge into the could and the summit.

There were bits near the top when I was almost reduced to five points of contact. The form in climbing is to maintain three points of contact with the hill at all times, two feet and a hand or two hands and a foot. Five points is where you cling on for dear life with both hands, both feet and your teeth!

Why a bit of an arse? On the way up I slipped on a slab of slate and bashed the ball of my thumb (below). The embarrassing thing was that I was less than five metres from the car park!


[Later - I have added a movie taken on the way up and some more photos just for Michael!]