Let the dance begin

Dan Oestreich has a great piece called The Dance all about leadership and collaboration from which this:

a leadership role is played at the moment that a new situational demand comes into being, where there's sudden tension, when something needs to happen, the answers aren't obvious, and someone, anyone says, "Hey, this is ridiculous. We've got to do something about this!" Suddenly it is not about doing business as usual, but business as unusual. In the mirroring exercise, the impetus simply comes through the instructions and the willingness of the crowd to participate. In real organizations, it comes from the straight up demand for a new kind of deliverable of whatever kind -- whether it is making sure the mail gets on the right truck this time or a life hanging in the balance is saved by a surgical team, or a new strategic direction is messily hammered out by a collection of contentious vice presidents. It comes from circumstances that say "we can't do this the way we used to." And the dance begins.