Plan your pranks

I was chatting to my wife tonight in the kitchen and noticed the hazard lights in my car flashing on and off. It flashes the lights once as you lock it so my first thought was that maybe a door was open and it was not quite locking properly. I trecked out the drive in my stocking soles to have a closer look and checked all the doors. I re-locked it and thought that was it. But then the lights flashed and it unlocked itself. This was getting really crazy. I had visions of a faulty relay and of having to get it to a garage to fix it. I was worried that the flashing lights would attract attention during the night and that someone might steal the car.

I returned to the house still trying to fathom things out. I then thought that maybe something was resting on the spare key and causing it to open and re-open the car so I started looking for it.

As I entered the lounge I was met by my two young daughters with the cheekiest looks on their faces.

They had been opening and closing the car doorsfrom inside the house, watching me through the lounge window and having hysterics at my attempts to fathom things out!!!!