Getting a grip by watching the world go by

Sitting on the pavement outside a Parisian cafe, supping wonderful, fresh mint tea and watching the world go by has got to be one of the best ways of regaining your equilibrium. Small people, big people, old people young people, happy people sad people all going about their early morning business parading before my very eyes.

Watching a street wise little old parisian lady and her equally street wise little old parisian dog working their way between the cars, dodging the motorbikes and navigating the busy crossroads before me - all with the grace of fishes flitting in and out of coral.

The pretty young girl on her scooter stopping to check her map managing to look glamorous even in one of those daft bulbous open face helmets. - what is it about Parisian girls and scooters that is so sexy - it never seems to work in London.

The camp old queen sitting next to me supping his second cafe express with all the poise that comes from a lifetime of knowing what you want and getting it - whatever people think.

There are so many ways to "be" in the world, so much richness in the choices our souls make as they steer us on our short, oh so short, journey through life.