Where to start .....

Amba's post The "Strict Father" vs. "Nurturant Parent" Church today relates to a couple of areas of my life at the moment. Her post focusses on George Lakoff's thinking on progressive and conservative world views that Doc has referred to many times in the past.

1) I am determined to adopt a "Nurturing Parent" role with my kids. Just this evening I have had to be forceful about something and to assert my position as parent and had no problems with doing so. But this was very different from assuming that if I didn't intervene or assert my authority that my children would somehow run amock and unleash their inherently "bad" selves. I have to say I disagree with Amba when she says "Fear is a definite component of respect". Once you have resorted to fear you have already started to lose people's respect.

2) As a manager I have stuck to a "Nurturing Parent" role through thick and thin and reckon that with 12 years under my belt I wouldn't have done it any other way. In fact I believe it takes more courage to be a "Nurturing Parent" than a "Strict Father" in a work context but pays much bigger dividends for the organisation and the individuals that work in it.

As with everything else the polarization between the two approaches seems even more extreme when talking about online environments but I also believe that trusting that people are inherently good and supporting them as they find the most productive ways of being with one another in online environments is the only way to ensure that we don't end up trying to build new worlds using the rules of the old