The Cube

Amba over at Ambivablog posted the following "game" on her blog a while back. I didn't get around to playing it for ages but it's really interesting and definitely worth a go. So much so she even wrote a book about it!

There's a catch to this game. Knowing the "key" in advance will ruin it for you. I'm going to post the "key" at its own link at the end of the game. If you want to play the game, DO NOT LOOK AT THE KEY TILL YOU ARE COMPLETELY FINISHED. (I also suggest not reading other people's Cubes in the Comments till after you've played. Nothing should influence your Cube but your own imagination.) Pass this warning on to anyone you want to play the game. It's up to you whether you want to play and be surprised, or peek behind the scenes and be your own spoiler. (You could still "cube" others even if you'd missed your chance. In fact, you can only play innocently once, and after that, the fun is "cubing" others when you know the key and they don't.)

Here's The Cube. Answer each question for yourself thoroughly before moving on to the next.

1.) Imagine a desert landscape. It's very simple . . . horizon, sand, sky, whatever you see when you think of a desert.

2.) In this desert there is . . . a cube! What does the cube look like? What's it made of (if you know)? What color is it? How big? Is it sitting on the sand, or in some other position? How close or far away is it?

3.) In this desert there is also a ladder. Where is it (in relation to the cube)? What is it made of? What position is it in? Does it have many rungs? A few rungs?

4.) In this desert there now appears . . . a horse. Where is the horse? What color is it? What is it doing? Does it have on a saddle or bridle, or not?

5.) Now, somewhere in the desert there is a storm. What kind of storm is it? Where is it? And does it affect the cube, the ladder, the horse, or not?

6.) Finally, somewhere in the desert are flowers. Where are they (in relation to the cube, ladder, horse, storm)? What kind are they? Are they many or few? Scattered or clustered?

You're welcome to post your resultant visions in the Comments. (I've never met anyone who couldn't do this, even those who protest that they can't visualize. Everybody sees something, and everybody sees something completely different.)