Transcendental moments

I had a short walk this evening around local field paths as the sun was beginning to set. I had my iPod shuffle with me and was listening to some wonderful dance/trance tracks really loud as I walked through the beautiful countryside.

The effect of the hypnotic music, the brilliant clarity of the light and the trance inducing rhythm of my footsteps combined to produce the most wonderful feeling.

It was an almost unbearable sense of connectedness to all around me, the sparkling light, the touch of the breeze on my arms and legs, the vastness of the sky above me, even the pain in my legs as I pulled up the hills ..... all with a dreamlike quality ... as if I was floating .... immersed in all of life around me .....

I could only maintain this vivid reality for brief moments though - before the conditioned mundanity of my usual brain chatter broke in and dragged me back to the fantasy that is normality.