A few well placed rules ....

David Sifry is reporting that Technorati has now indexed one million distinct tags, found in 14 million blog posts. It looks like at least some people likes to tag what they write and to contribute to the building of a meaningful web.

I must admit I am still not completely sold on tags.

It's not that I'm not fascinated with the whole concept of a bottom-up, social driven, taxonomy: it's quite similar to what we used for K-collector, what leaves me a little cold is the lack of coordination tools and rules. Are my posts about my computers supposed to be using the "Mac", the "MacOS" or the "Macintosh" tag?


Every time I mention adding some rules to these systems I get one of those "he's not a true believer" stares.

But look at Wikipedia: it's a totally bottom-up project which has some very simple but strict policies and guidelines about how it should be developing. Writers are respecting these rules, finding new ways to enforce them and the whole system is blooming beautifully.

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