Suffer the little children

My wife is away tonight and I am looking after my two kids on my own.

I am pretty much a "new man" and spend a lot of time with the girls and so am not at all spooked by the domestic responsibility of looking after them on my own for a change and regular readers will know how much joy they bring me and how much I delight in the insights and love that they bring into our lives.

However it just struck me, yet again, how fragile everything is. How lucky we are that, despite my elder daughter's ME, we have no serious, life threatening illnesses; that they go to a very good state school in a very nice part of the "civilized" western world; that they eat well and are looked after by two, doting parents.

Not all children are so lucky.

Many grow up in abject poverty, others have to survive in very violent parts of the world. Even in less extreme circumstances others are subject to all sorts of abuse - physical, mental ... and even just over weaning parental pressure to succeed.

It is so tough being a kid that it constantly amazes me that so many survive and thrive in the face of overwhelming odds.

Maybe we should all give ourselves a pat on the back?