Sneak's wide world of Blogging 31

Picking up on Joi's concerns about flame comments Halley has been expressing her concern about the effect they have on bloggers. The irony is that when I went to leave a comment - it was about grammar - I couldn't because in order to leave a comment on Halley's blog I have to be on here team. I am not and the result was I didn't.

IMHO it is much better just to leave comments open. OK I don't have the volumes of readers some bloggers do and apart from spam don't normally get many problems with commenters but even if I do it takes seconds to deal with them and in the process I don't put legit commenters off. This is my space and I reserve the right to deal with comments the way I see fit

Halley wrote "Maybe it's all about the rude level of comments the blogosphere has sunked to" - never mind concerns about commenters - I am more concerned about the level of grammar bloggers are descending to. Where the hell does "sunked to" come from!