Getting things into perspective

There's a lot of crap flying around since the bombs in London last Thursday. Some of it really nasty right wing crap with justifications for clamping down on everything vaguely foreign and some of it over sentimental crap drawing emotional parallels with 9/11 (yes I know I asked earlier if this was UK blogging's 9/11 but I meant in terms of the extending of blogging's influence).

It is truly awful that so many people lost their lives last week and so many others have had theirs ruined - but like Gary I too have stayed in the most bombed hotel in Europe and I have sat many times over the last twenty years of living in London, with my vivid imagination, staring at people on tube trains wondering if they might be bombers and wondering what it might be like if they had planted a bomb and it went off.

There's some really bad boys in the world. There always have been and there probably always will be. Some of the bad boys are "on my side" and some of them are "on theirs" but life goes on. I am more likely to be involved in a fatal accident during my car journey to my preferred tube station tomorrow morning than I am to be a victim of a terrorist bomb during the many tube journeys I will take through the day.