This ain't easy

I was talking to Gia the other day about how to deal with apparent extremists on the web. Do you walk away from them, ignoring them as nutters, or do you try to understand them, find some common ground and stay engaged in conversation with them?

Dina has a related post today about tensions amongst Indian bloggers from which this:

Lets just be conscious that it is a new medium, and we're in a transitional phase - the blog world is toppling and threatening many of our traditional structures, giving open voice and power to many who hitherto had none.  Its a world that is not hierarchical, one that encourages an even-playing field for free speech and debate no matter what gender or age or race or religion you belong to, it does not have many pre-ordained rules and prescriptions, its one where we need to learn to respect personal space, and where team play can be so rewarding. 

Hostility in Blogs