Me and Dave Winer agree!

Spookily Dave Winer was writing a great post, at almost exactly the same time, paralleling my thoughts in the post below.

As Dave says:

The answer to a distributed war is distributed defense. Instead of hiding from people with brown skin, people who speak funny, who look like terrorists, we need to work with them, because (key point) most of them aren't terrorists, but they may come from communities that produce them. Do the communities have an inkling that there's a bomber in the house? On the block? Have we asked? What are the warning signs that a young person has turned? We need to study this, understand it, and then distribute the knowledge, actively, quickly.


Now, while we have a measure of sanity, we need to make being brown and talking strangely interesting and listen. We need to feel that we can solve the problem, that the deaths are not totally in vain, that we're getting better at preventing the bombing.

Fighting the war on whatever