Journalism unplugged

I have to say I am really enjoying the experience of watching a "real" journalist get into the experience of blogging and Paul Mason's post about yesterday's demonstration march in Edinburgh is a cracker:

At 220,000 it was double the size of any demonstration that has ever taken place in Scotland. And yes, thanks to globalisation there were African farmers, Spanish anarchists and even English people on it .... but the top-line figure is significant. Where I was standing at the end, at the front of the stage around 6.30pm, with Billy Bragg on stage and a Lothian sirocco whipping up discarded leaflets, it was obvious that the demo was heavily Scots. The sheer prevalence of Tennants cans among those gently swaying to the reggae-and-revolt music told you there were very many young Scottish people on the march. There were people doing dance styles I never knew existed. Indeed I think they did not know they existed until a few moments before they started dancing.

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