Was this UK blogging's 9/11?

Now something strange has happened. The blogosphere and mobile phone mpegs are reporting the bombing, and capturing the zeitgeist in its complex reality, in a different way than the broadcast media - which are all being excellent, by the way. The Guardian Media journos have just rung me to talk about this and we agree it is a phenomenon: seeing mpegs on the BBC 10 O'clock News was just the tip of the iceberg.

Paul Mason: Blogging the bombs

Four years ago I experienced the events of 9/11 primarily through blogs for at least the first couple of days and remember being impressed by the depth and range of views expressed. I was also struck by the contrast between this experience and the MSM coverage which I eventually emerged to watch


Many people have written recently bemoaning the lack of noteable blogs emerging from the UK as opposed to America - maybe this will change that perception.