We need more ...

More than a year ago at BloggerCon a number of us agreed to focus on getting blogging going on, and in, countries around the world.  Britt Blaser challenged members of the group to pick a country and focus on it.  This led some of us to start Sudan: The Passion of the Present; as well, Rebecca McKinnon and Ethan Zuckerman, convenors of the session, have made Global Voices into a phenomenon.

But we need more.  We need to have dedicated, skilled evangelists pushing blogging into every knowledge space that exists.  We need evangelists to find ways to inspire and encourage new bloggers, to bring them relevant traffic, good tools, and help them develop their online communities.  And we need companies and wealthy individuals to support the evangelist corp.  This initiative is critical to the expansion of the new communication and knowledge ecosystem enabled by blogging and RSS.

Jeff Jarvis