BlogDay 2005


Here we go then.

Some bloggers have chosen blogs that they read but that they believe to be different from theirs. I have chosen to interpret the spirit of BlogDay as an excuse to really go beyond my normal reading and find blogs and bloggers totally outside my current circle.

So, resulting from random clicks on the neat map of BlogDay participants, followed by a bit of weeding - my five choices:

Mind Bytes from My World:
Fascinating glimpse of Indian culture and religion including the invaluable insight that BLOGS have filled up the vaccum wonderfully well - where the Indian dating and matrimony sites failed !!!

And Far Away:
A Jordanian student whose blog includes a cracking post on Palestinian Hip Hop.

The Pen:
An Australian blog which includes musings on the definition of unAustralian!

2050: A Journey:
A Malaysian group blog that includes a very moving post on the death of a Grandmother.

Church Of The Customer:
A Chicago based duo written blog on marketing which includes Marketing and Profit vs The Public Good