Oooh I am really going to enjoy my new book!

From the book cover of The End Of Faith by Sam Harris:

Sam Harris offers a vivid historical tour of mankind's willingness to suspend reason in favour of religious beliefs, even when those beliefs are used to justify harmful behaviour and sometimes heinous crimes. He asserts that in the shadow of weapons of mass destruction, we can no longer tolerate views that pit one true god against another. Most controversially, he argues that we cannot afford to pay moderate lip service to religion - doing so is simply an accommodation that only blinds us to the real perils of fundamentalism.

And from the first chapter:

The idea that any one of our religions represents the infallible word of the One True God requires an encyclopedic ignorance of history, mythology and art ....

.... Tell a devout Christian that his wife is cheating on him, or that frozen yogurt can make a man invisible, and he is as likely to require as much evidence as anyone else. and to be persuaded only by the extent that you give it. Tell him that the book he keeps by his bed was written by an invisible deity who will punish him with fire for eternity if he fails to accept its every incredible claim about the universe, and he seems to require no evidence whatsoever.

As I get further into it I am in real danger of quoting the whole bloody book. Go buy it.

Trouble is those who most need to probably won't.

And there's the rub ...