Divine retribution?

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that God was making a very big point. He's been sitting there letting his Kids do their own thing, hoping that They learn from Their own mistakes. But They haven't. He's had enough of Them screwing up and then every night They swamp Him with appeals for help. He's fuckin' tired of it.

So He forces the situation.

He's a clever guy so it doesn't take Him long to figure it out: He combines the best of their mistakes to throw back at Them. They haven't been taking care of the home He's provided, so He creates a storm created because of Global Warming. They haven't been taking care of the poor, so He aims it at the poorest people to force Them to see just how bad it really is. They've been treating Their siblings appallingly for, well, millenia, just because of their skin colour, so He makes sure that every suffering face They see is darker than their own. He's tried and tried and fucking tried to get them to learn their lesson by doing this stuff in Africa and Asia, but They've not really bothered with all that, so He put it right on their doorstep. They've been sending their toughest off to fight with other Kids, so He made sure that the whole situation quickly descended into chaos when there was no one there to control it. And just for a joke He wrecked the oil refineries.

And in one act They've reaped what They've sown."


[and btw just to clarify for any religious readers out there I believe Gia was being ironic! :-)]