The joys of cycling

I had been meaning to get a folding bike for some time in order to commute to work and get more exercise. I bought my wonderful new Dahon Speed D7 when we were on holiday in Devon and have fallen madly in love with it. It has 20" wheels, larger than the better known Brompton, and therefore is a bit more stable and, I believe, robust.

To get to work each day I am driving, as I have done for years, part of the way between home and work but now instead of getting the tube I park, fold out my new bike and in seconds am starting my ten mile trip to work.

The first half of the ride is on special cycle tracks alongside the busy A40. They are far enough away from the main road to be quite pleasant, at times sharing pavements, legally, with pedestrians through grassy, wood lined strips of land. After the first five miles I join the towpath of The Grand Union Canal for the last five miles. This makes a very pleasant route to work and I am able to complete the whole journey in only 15 minutes longer than it took by car and train.

It is also good exercise. 20 miles a day isn't trivial but I am coping pretty well and it gets easier as the days go by. I am enjoying feeling my muscles get back into shape and my heart and lungs are relishing the gulps of fresh air they are taking in.

All in all a good move and one I would heartily recommend.