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the world's problem isn't religion or lack of religion; it's us. In the last century we proved conclusively that we can oppress and kill just as well in the name of dogmatic scientism as of God


This quote from a commenter on Amba's blog chimed so well with the gist of the comments thread on my own post about Dawkins that I wanted to reproduce it here.

I have throroughly enoyed the brain stretching involved in that thread and it is summed up for me by the three following snippets:

I guess what gets me most agitated is people not taking responsibility for their own thoughts and ideas and I get spooked by institutions that set out to make it less easy for them to do so whether religious, political or social. Anything that sets out to homegenize large groups of people is dangerous IMHO as it leads to massive power and the ability to misuse that power.


The real issue for me in this whole thread, has been the human condition. We are the way we are, although uniquely we can change, but certain things seem necessary for us to make sense of the world. Spirituality, organisation, power - I could go on. They manifest in everything we do, so they manifest in religion, but religion is not the cause.

Dave Snowden

....there's some balance to be struck, but God heaven fuck knows where it is.


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