Is the internet a good or a bad thing?

There is a clever pair of adverts for AOL on the television here in the UK at the moment - one portraying the internet as a good thing the other as a bad thing.

Some time ago I got to meet Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet, and to hear him being interviewed. When asked whether he thought. looking back over the last thirty years, the internet had been a good or a bad thing his responses was "It is just a thing. Whether it is good or bad depends what you do with it. If you don't like what you are doing with it then it is simply a reflection of what you are as an individual, an organisation or a society and that is what you have to fix"

This was why I got into blogging all of those years ago. If the internet is going to be a good thing we have to be in there making it good. Like society we have to take part, stand up and say what we think, and behave in ways that will make the internet somewhere where our kids can learn, grow and connect with each other and not somewhere where the darker side of life prevails.